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This is a game in which you compete against other participants to try and guess the results of the matches in the World Cup 2018.
You will get awarded points for guessing who wins each match (local / visitor / tie), and even more points for guessing the exact score for the match (more below).
Whoever gets the most points the end of the tournament wins!

What makes this polla (pool) way more fun than others is that you can edit your predictions however frequently you'd like... up until each match has started. So your predictions improve as you watch the teams play throughout the tournament.

To add to the fun, once the match starts, every prediction made by every other participant is published. Points and rankings are updated live as goals are scored. Even Morocco vs Iran is exciting when followed this way!



  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. You may enter more than once, as long as you pay the entry fee again. You will need to register multiple accounts with different email addresses.
  3. In order to participate, the entry fee must be paid before the first match of the tournament begins.
  4. Results for each match must have been submitted at any point before said match.
  5. You can go and back edit the results for any match, as long as it hasn't started.

Point system

  1. If you guess the exact score for the match, then you get 3 points.
  2. If you guess the outcome of the game (i.e. who wins, or if there is a tie) but you don't guess the exact score, then you get 1 point.
  3. If your guess for the outcome of the match is wrong, you get 0 points.
  4. All points will be added in order to obtain your total.
  5. For playoff games, only the score after regular time (first 90 minutes + injury time) will be taken into account. Extra time and penalties are not considered.
  6. If you forgot to submit a score for a match and the match started, you get 0 points for it. Oops!


The prize money will be given out at the end of the tournament based on how many points each player received. The total amount is the sum of each participant's entry fees ($25) minus administrative costs ($5) - except for the Biggest Loser. Prizes will be delivered through PayPal, which means they might keep a small fee. Read below:

  1. First Place

    Participant(s) with the most points gets 75% of the prize money, evenly split amongst them in the case of a tie.
  2. Second Place

    Second place(s) gets 20% of the prize money, evenly split in case of a tie.
  3. Third Place

    Gets 5% of the prize money... blah blah blah tie.
  4. The David Levinson Award

    Named after the previous recipient. If you get the very last place, we will refund your entry fee of $25.
    In order to qualify for this prize, you must have submitted all your results on time and not tie for last place with anyone.

Payments and Referrals

It is very important that your payment is received on time, otherwise you won't be able to participate!
For information on how to send your payment and how you can invite your friends and have your fee waived, visit the Payments page.

Facebook Group

We opened a Facebook group to make it easy for you to follow polla-related news, announcements, and so everyone can engage in healthy discourse.
  1. Join the group.
  2. Invite your friends.
  3. Keep it civil.
  4. Stay on topic.
  5. Post in English.
  6. Don't get banned!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. For fun. I love running it, I love developing it, I love playing it. People who have played before love it too. It makes the tournament so much more fun.

  3. How do we know "the admin" won't run away with all of our money?
  4. We are amongst friends. If you landed here randomly you are welcome to join. But if you have trust issues, maybe you should not play.

  5. I have sent my payment, but my name does not show up immediately in the View Results page. I AM FREAKING OUT
  6. Relax. Entering payments into the database is one of the few non-automated things in Ruskipolla 2018. It may take up to a day. As long as you send the payment before the first game starts, you are OK.

  7. A goal was scored over 12 seconds ago and View Results is not updated. I AM FREAKING OUT
  8. Relax. Entering scores is the other non-automated thing in Ruskipolla 2018. We have a few soccer-loving voluteers updating scores but even we fall behind. Please be patient.

  9. Is it ok to use the same password as the one I use for my bank account?
  10. Passwords are stored securely (hashed and salted) so even I cannot read them. All communication is encrypted so it is transmitted safely. That said, like with every other website, be safe and use a unique strong password.

  11. Can "the admin" play?
  12. Hell yeah! I want in on the fun too! And since everyone can see all posted results, it's not like anyone can cheat.

  13. Can I see/edit my results?
  14. Yes. Just go to the Enter Results page.

  15. What's the deadline date for entering results?
  16. The result for each match can be edited individually up until it starts. For your convenience, the starting time for each match is right there in the Enter Results page.

  17. When entering my predictions, Round of Sixteen and onwards shows question marks. How do you want me to possibly predict those?
  18. As teams advance to the next round, we will update the Enter Results page to show them properly.

  19. What about extra time and penalty kicks?
  20. They are not considered. Only enter the results for the first 90 minutes! This means that you could enter a tie for the Final, if you believe they'll go to Extra Time.

  21. I do not follow soccer and I think Pelé is an STD, can I still play?
  22. Of course! Odds are you will beat some soccer "experts" anyway.

  23. OMG I found a bug! How do I report it?
  24. If something does not work as expected or you see any other mistake, click on "Contact" at the bottom of this page and shoot me an email.

Is your question not answered? Click on "Contact" at the bottom of this page and it will either be answered in email or added to this page.

Good luck!