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Entry fee is $25 USD (that's it!). From that fee, $5 USD will be deducted for administration costs. The rest will be used for prizes. While this whole thing is for fun and not for profit, there are costs involved in running the system including: Thank you for understanding.

It is very important that your payment is received before the first match kicks off, otherwise you won't be able to participate! No late fees will be accepted.


For the first time, Ruskipolla 2018 will allow referrals. Here's how it works:

After you've created your account, invite your friends to join. When your friends register, they must enter your username as the Referral. If you get at least 6 friends to join and make their payment before the tournament starts, you play for free.

You have 0 referrals. Want your entry fee waived? It's easy! Invite a total of 6 friends to join!

How to pay

Send your payment through PayPal. This option is available in most countries and even allows you to pay using a credit card.
  1. Go to the following address (use copy and paste): https://paypal.me/MarcosKirsch/25
  2. In the "Add a note" field, write:
    World Cup Watching Party
    Guest: leomessi
    But replace leomessi with the user name you used to sign up to Ruskipolla 2018
  3. For "Your shipping address", select "No address needed"
  4. Click "Send Payments Now" and follow the on-screen prompts.

See screenshow below: